Bravery Unites Us

Bravery Wines is about more than patriotism, it's about courageous character. We're surrounded by people in every walk of life that are very courageous - moms, dads, our neighbors - and our brand of bravery brings us together regardless of where we come from, regardless of what we believe, and allows us to celebrate one another.

Every purchase of Bravery Wines results in a portion of your purchase price being donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund supporting injured service members and their caregivers.

Featured Wines

2019 Riesling

This handcrafted Finger Lakes Riesling is crisp and refreshing contains citrus, apple and lemongrass nodes and a hint of residual sugar. The flagship grape of the Finger Lakes this wine will not last long - this is an amazing choice for all Riesling lovers.

Alcohol: 12.00%

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2019 Vignoles

A Martini Vineyards varietal grown for over 25 years, this fantastic wine possessed great balance between acidity and residual sugar. Citrus, honey and a hint of orange are just a few of the mouthwatering flavors you will experience. This wine is considered semi-dry with balancing acidity.

Alcohol: 13.00%

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2021 Rosé Of Pinot Noir

This limited production Rosé of Pinot Noir boasts flavors of cherry and strawberry with hints of pomegranate and lemon. The acidity is balanced by its fruit forward characteristics and mouthfeel.

Exceptional wines start with unparalleled vineyard practices. We are proud to work with Peter Martini and his fruit from Martini Vineyards.

Alcohol: 13.50%

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2020 Cabernet Franc

100% Cabernet Franc - fruit forward and aged in light oak for 18 months. Enjoy a glass of this fantastic red wine with or without food - this is great wine for newcomers to red wine!

Alcohol: 13.00%

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2020 Riesling

This Finger Lakes Riesling will captivate your palate.

Spontaneously fermented, this beautiful wine possesses notes of green apple and luscious soft textures with hints of residual sugar and balanced acidity.

The softness, the balance and the texture of this wine will get your attention.

Alcohol: 11.50%

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Bébé 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

This beautiful wine was grown by Peter Martini - Vineyard Manager, Martini Vineyards. Hints of pineapple, citrus, lemongrass and tangerine create a beautiful wine tasting experience

Originating in France, Sauvignon Blanc has a rich history and winemakers Corey Christman and Peter Becraft focused on traditional methodologies, yeast selections and temperature control in order to create a masterpiece.

Bébé is the French word for Baby.

This wine is named for and pays tribute to Jennifer Christman, the wife of winemaker, Corey.

We hope you love this wine as much as we do!

Every bottle of wine we sell raises money for injured service members and their caregivers via the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Alcohol: 11.30%

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