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Bravery Wines

FEB 15 2021 Corey and Jennifer Christman at Bravery Wines

A Johnstown couple has started a company that brings together two things they hold very near and dear to their hearts – excellent wine and military veterans.

U.S. Air Force veteran and retired Special Agent Corey Christman and his wife, Jennifer, started Bravery Wines in 2020 and plan to donate at least $2 of every bottle sold to Yellow Ribbon Fund, a veteran service organization that supports injured service members and their caregivers.

Corey says he started making wine 10 years ago, crafting small batches in his garage. But he dreamed of bigger and better things and pursued a degree in winemaking education at Washington State University. He then did an internship at Anthony Road Wine Company in Penn Yan, New York, where he worked with owners, John and Ann Martini, and head winemaker, Peter Becraft.

Corey was so impressed with Anthony Road Wine Company, its owners and Becraft that, when he and Jennifer married on Veterans Day in 2017, they did so at the winery.

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A Passion for Vinting

DEC 06 2020 Original group of wines crafted by Bravery Wines.

Nicole A. Hawley

After serving his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. Air Force retired Corey Christman and wife Jennifer are using their passions to continue giving back to those who served through their own wine label — Bravery Wines.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2012, Christman started his hobby as a home winemaker. Becoming more and more fascinated by the process, he decided to grow his skills.

Christman grew up in Oswego, and his parents Vaughn and Renae Christman, live in Rome.

“I enrolled in a certificate program at Washington State University, and after completing enology and commercial wine making operations courses, I was introduced to John and Ann Martini, owners of Anthony Road Wine Company, in Penn Yan, and head wine maker, Peter Becraft. I began an internship there in 2014, and never left,” said Christman. “These days I split time between my home in Johnstown, Pa., but I also have a residence on Seneca Lake, right in Penn Yan. I have a consulting business as well.”

When Christman first started out, he was working primarily harvest, which was from September to November or December, but now is in the Seneca Lake region throughout the year working various facets of the wine business.

It was about 18 months ago that he and wife Jennifer decided to bring their own label, Bravery Wines, to life. The wine was originally to launch around Memorial Day, but due to COVID-19, the Christmans decided to delay their debut. But come Veterans Day, it was time to “flip the switch,” Corey said.

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Scriba Native’s Bold Wine Debut

NOV 21 2020 Original wines by Bravery Wines

A Scriba native has recently launched a bold new varietal of wine based in the Finger Lakes region.

Bravery Wines was created by Corey Christman and launched on Veterans Day with a special message he says is dedicated to our communities’ unsung heroes.

“While the label is dedicated to the (emergency service) communities, our brand is dedicated to the many heroes out there, like moms, dads, and people who are courageous.” Christman said. “The label is for all of those who are heroes; the brand is for all of us.”

Christman retired in 2012 after a 20-year career in the United States Air Force, and his label is based at the Anthony Road Wine Company (ARWC) at Penn Yan. Since 2014, Christman has observed and joined in the harvest season to get experience.

The Anthony Road Wine Company is a family owned winery founded in 1990. It is owned by Ann and John Martini and managed by their family.

Shortly after retiring from the military, Christman started producing wine in small quantities in his basement.

“It is just this passion for taking this piece of fruit that hangs on a vine and being able to convert that, grow that, transition that to a product,” Christman said.

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New Finger Lakes Wine Brand Dedicates Portion of Proceeds to Yellow Ribbon Fund

NOV 17 2020 Original group of wines crafted by Bravery Wines.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Bravery Wines, a Finger Lakes wine brand, founded by U.S. Air Force veteran Corey Christman and his wife Jennifer. On Wednesday, November 11 (Veterans Day) four hand-crafted varieties were introduced and are available for purchase in 37 states. A portion of the proceeds of each bottle of Bravery Wines sold will go to Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Corey and Jennifer have dedicated their lives to advocacy for military, veteran and first responder communities. “We’re honored to partner with Yellow Ribbon Fund, and support their mission to help post-9/11 injured, ill and wounded service members with housing, transportation and other family assistance during medical crises,” said Jennifer Christman.

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PRWeb: New Finger Lakes Wine Brand

NOV 11 2020 Original Bravery Wines label

On November 11, Bravery Wines, a new Finger Lakes brand, will debut four handcrafted wines. Founded by a U.S. Air Force veteran and his wife, Bravery Wines is donating a portion of proceeds of each bottle sold to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a veteran service organization that supports injured service members and their caregivers.

Corey and Jennifer Christman are founders of Bravery Wines and have dedicated their lives to being advocates for the military, Veteran and First Responder communities. Christman is a retired USAF Special Agent and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Christman’s wife, Jennifer, is a proud veteran spouse and has dedicated her personal and business endeavors to serving veterans, their family members and caregivers. She is considered a go-to national expert on mental health solutions and veteran resources and serves on several national boards, including the Yellow Ribbon Fund. She is also a national speaker who advocates for equitable access to behavioral health care.

Shortly after Christman retired from the U.S. Air Force, he started his professional winemaking journey. After completing enology and commercial winemaking operations courses at Washington State University in 2014, he met owners of Anthony Road Wine Company, John and Ann Martini, and head winemaker, Peter Becraft. Over the past seven vintages, Christman worked side by side with Becraft to hone his winemaking skills. In partnership with Anthony Road Wine Company, Bravery Wines will also be sold on premise at the tasting room located in Penn Yan, New York.

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